July 2022 Newsletter

Hi all,

About 3 weeks ago I had a visitation with the Lord. It’s interesting the way this happens and gives insight into His ways.

He had told me about a month before that He was going to come and visit me, then about 4-5 days before He did the same thing. I told Barb I think it is like Israel who spent 3 days preparing themselves to meet the Lord at Mt. Sinai – so He usually gives me notice to prepare my heart. Israel came from out of the Sea to the Mount in 47 days, then spent 3 days preparing to receive from the Lord. (Exodus 19)

He’s done that through the years with me but I’ve not shared it before. But the days we are in include the return of the respect and awe and ‘fear’ of the Lord to the body of Christ. So many people treat the things of the Spirit as a light thing, not realizing Who we are dealing with because they have little revelation of Him. As a result they don’t consider how saying or doing anything ‘in the name of the Lord’ is actually a huge responsibility and carries the weight of accountability to Him. 

Look for the body of Christ to be restored to holiness in part through a ‘move’ of reverence for Him and the sacred things once again. And that in part will come as we see answered prayers, healings, and such in small groups, house churches, prayer meetings and such in the days ahead.

But specifically in this recent visitation, He spoke of me and cwowi having a larger national and international influence as it pertains to church in the home. He said: “During the pandemic when churches were shut down, many had their first revelation with understanding about church in the home. Now you are in a more relaxed time and many have not acted on what they learned. But another wave is coming, of a different kind, and many who have been thinking about house church will then be motivated to follow through on it. They will be prompted to move on it and cwowi will see a new influx of people.”

“A different kind of motivation is coming, in the fall and November through March, but especially the holidays and January and February. And then steadily through next year you will see momentum growing towards church in the home, small groups, and true growth in relationships in Me.” 

“Some will be moved with fear. Some will be moved by need. Some will be moved because they are ready to act upon what has been stirring in their hearts since their churches were shut down during the pandemic. The days I spoke to you about house churches becoming the place where believers see prayers answered, healings and miracles, is soon coming upon you and the earth. Many people will know who they can turn to in time of need. Others on the outside will suffer.”

“In days ahead the US will no longer be the focus of world attention and economy. With the war in Ukraine the attention of much of the world turned to Europe, and that will only increase in the days to come; focus will shift to the economies of Europe and Asia. There will be turmoil in Europe but I will increase and my body need not fear. You’ve pondered and inquired why the US isn’t mentioned in end times prophecy, this is the start of why. There is an opportunity to delay these things for a few years, but they will happen, for so it must be to fulfill all that has been written about.”  

Interesting days ahead! And once again, He was more excited about what He is doing, about increase in the body of Christ, than He was about the world – that was a sort of ‘for your information I’m sharing this but don’t focus on it’ – focus on Me and how you must be about the Father’s business. 


Wil and Ank Kleinmeulman in the Netherlands have long been our leaders and representatives in Europe, and they have traveled the EU, UK, and Scandinavia teaching and strengthening the body of Christ. They are our close and very dear friends as well, and are in need. 

While I was staying at their house for our conference in the Netherlands their very used car broke (after the conference fortunately) – a piece of electronics that would cost more to repair than the car was worth – which is less than $1000 USD/Euro’s. They’ve been driving it (carefully) since, but are very much in need of better wheels.

They have their eyes on a 2 year old small SUV, with only 5,500 miles/9,000 km on it, but it would be a big step for them as the sales price is about 23,000 Euros. We would like to give them as large a down payment as possible, if not buy it outright. CWOWI will help what we can, but I’d like to open it to the body of Christ as well, recognizing not just the need, but their tireless service to the body of Christ these close to 20 years with us. 

If you would like to donate any amount is helpful and appreciated – and they did not ask me to make this appeal, it is just the right thing to do. Just in the memo from our site write ‘car’ or something to know it is for Wil and Ank. www.cwowi.org or www.cwowi.eu or if you have PayPal, you can donate directly to Stichting Freedom Ministries.

US conference October 7-9

When people see ‘conference’ they think of going to a large auditorium with hundreds or thousands of strangers to hear speaker after speaker, have a few meals, see a few sites, then go home. That’s not what this is. It’s like a family reunion with about 100 or so people. Yes there is teaching, but we also eat meals together and have time to visit and get to know one another. There is time to worship and let the Lord move as He sees fit. We will break up into small groups for individual prayer and to see what the Lord might do in our midst, and so much more. We purposely keep our conferences small, intimate, and comfortable for the whole family. Many long-term friendships have developed, house churches started, online meetings/house church started as a result – it’s more than ‘connecting’, but rather ‘getting to know’ people instead. Come!

Chris – the plan is to move him to the new group home by the end of the month. Lot’s going on there with many things to do. Anyone who cares for a loved one at home or oversees their care in a facility knows the constant weight of that emotionally and in time and effort – thank you for your prayers. For Chris too, who will have to adjust to new surroundings in a small home, which is less room for his self-drive wheelchair. Thank you.

Once we get some things figured out on our calendar we’ll schedule Zoom meetings late August – that’s the plan. Stay tuned the headers in the Weekly Thoughts and next month’s e-newsletter. 

As I write this, and about the time you read this, I will be interviewed for the YouTube show/ministry ‘Deep Believer’, about my trip(s) to heaven and visitations with the Lord, and house church. 

Our KWOWI (Kids Without Walls International) part of our web site, which is support for orphaned and single-parent children in Uganda and Kenya, is almost up and running – stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for that. 

This series this month above ‘Is it my spirit or the Holy Spirit?’ is full of practical steps of what to do and what not to do, and how to walk through the process of understanding our spirit-man vs the Holy Spirit moving on us.

Thank you for your support and prayer – more things going with Barb and me, just tongues…will update you all later.


John & Barb, Brian & Amy

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