Growth in Uganda KWOWI Update – Church Without Walls International

Growth in Uganda (KWOWI Update) – Church Without Walls International

We have seen a large amount of growth from God in Uganda. Our CWOWI Affiliate reported there are over 600 house churches in Uganda. CWOWI Uganda is the starting point for the Kids Without Walls International (KWOWI) division of Church Without Walls International (CWOWI). Members of our house church network worldwide can now give to the most in need connected with our network directly through KWOWI.

CWOWI Uganda reported 17 new house church members were baptized in August.

The KWOWI School and Orphanage in Uganda is a ministry of CWOWI Uganda. The children learn more than just reading, writing and arithmetic. They learn about God and how to read their Bible. A Bible study is part of the school coursework.

CWOWI has supported the KWOWI Uganda school and orphanage to provide hygiene and basic health items to the children.

The “Pass the Pig” project, where CWOWI supporters have helped purchase pigs for the local house church, has helped over 250 Ugandan families. In the program a family is given a piglet they can raise to butcher or breed. They can then sell the pigs and also pass a pig on to another family in need. In a country where poverty is very great, the Pass the Pig program is making a large impact among the 600 house churches.

The KWOWI dedicated web page is still in progress though near completion. Soon members of CWOWI will be able to support an individual orphan from both our CWOWI Uganda and CWOWI Kenya Affiliates. CWOWI Uganda has submitted almost 180 orphans in need connected with their local house church network. CWOWI Kenya has submitted almost 100 orphans in need that are connected with their local house church ministry. We look forward to the further development of KWOWI.

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