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Church Without Walls International:

A Global Community

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Looking for a network of house churches that breaks the mold? Look no further than Church Without Walls International. Forget about traditional walls and pews – we’re all about tearing down barriers and reaching Christians wherever they are. Founded by a pastor on the belief that church is not confined to a physical building, our global ministry is revolutionizing the way Christians worship.

At Church Without Walls International, house churches, pastors, and networks of Christians are at the heart of everything we do. No need to worry about missing out – you can easily join from anywhere in the world at a local house church (or your own).

So why wait? Experience house churches like never before with Church Without Walls International. Break free from the confines of tradition and embrace a “new” yet old way of worshiping together. Welcome to a network of Christians without walls – where faith knows no boundaries.

Worldwide Impact of Church Without Walls International

Church Without Walls International has made a significant global impact through its various initiatives. By leveraging their network of online platforms, they have successfully reached millions of people around the world. Through these digital channels, the message of hope and faith is spread far and wide. Check out the latest article on the CWOWI website to stay connected with our community or subscribe to their weekly newsletter and weekly YouTube teachings.

In addition to their online presence, Church Without Walls International has also focused on establishing physical churches in remote areas and unreached communities. This approach ensures that individuals who may not have access to traditional church settings still have the opportunity to experience fellowship and spiritual growth. These local churches serve as beacons of light in regions where religious resources are scarce. With a strong network of physical churches, Church Without Walls International provides a platform for spiritual connection and growth. Whether online or in-person, individuals can join the network and participate in Sunday services at 7pm. Furthermore, Church Without Walls International utilizes captivating images to enhance their articles and engage readers.

Furthermore, Church Without Walls International extends its reach by providing crucial humanitarian aid and support in disaster-stricken regions. Whether it’s offering relief supplies or lending a helping hand during times of crisis, the organization actively contributes to rebuilding efforts and assists affected communities.

The impact of Church Without Walls International is truly remarkable. Their commitment to utilizing technology for outreach, establishing churches in underserved areas, and providing assistance during disasters showcases their dedication to making a difference globally.

Overview of Church Without Walls International in Broken Arrow, OK

Church Without Walls International is a vibrant ministry located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. As the headquarters of this dynamic organization, it serves as a hub for spiritual growth and community engagement.

At Church Without Walls International, participants have the opportunity to connect both physically and virtually. The ministry offers physical gatherings where individuals can come together to worship, learn, and fellowship. Online services are available for those who are unable to attend in person or are located outside the local area. This inclusive approach allows for participation from both near and far, creating a global community united by faith.

In line with their commitment to making a positive impact on the local community, Church Without Walls International actively engages in outreach programs and events. Through these initiatives, they extend a helping hand to those in need while spreading love and compassion. Whether it’s organizing food drives, clothing donations, or community service projects, this ministry strives to make a difference beyond the walls of their church.

By embodying the concept of “church without walls,” this international ministry embraces an innovative approach that transcends physical boundaries. With its location in Broken Arrow serving as its spiritual center and base of operations, Church Without Walls International creates opportunities for people to experience God’s love and find belonging regardless of their geographical location.

John Fenn’s Involvement with Church Without Walls International

John Fenn, a seasoned minister with years of experience in ministry leadership and teaching, is the founder and senior pastor of Church Without Walls International. His deep passion lies in equipping believers to live out their faith beyond the confines of traditional church settings.

With a focus on empowering individuals, John has dedicated his life to creating an environment where believers can thrive and grow. Through his leadership at Church Without Walls International, he encourages a sense of community that extends beyond the physical walls of a building.

John’s vision for Church Without Walls International is rooted in the belief that true discipleship happens not only within the four walls of a church but also in everyday life. He understands that faith should be lived out authentically and practically, impacting every aspect of one’s existence.

Under John’s guidance, Church Without Walls International offers various programs and initiatives to support believers on their spiritual journey. These include:

  • Home church gatherings: Creating opportunities for intimate fellowship and discipleship within the walls of a central church.

  • Outreach ministries: Engaging with local communities through acts of service and evangelism at home churches in Uganda and around the world, including the KWOWI program.

  • Online resources: Providing accessible teachings and resources for individuals seeking spiritual growth within the walls of a central church.

Through these avenues, John encourages believers to embrace their calling as ambassadors for Christ wherever they may find themselves – whether it be within the walls of a central church, at home, work, or social settings.

Key Ministries and Initiatives at Church Without Walls International

Discipleship Training Programs

Church Without Walls International offers a range of discipleship training programs designed to nurture the spiritual growth of individuals. These programs provide valuable resources and teachings that equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to deepen their relationship with God. Through interactive classes, small group discussions, and mentorship opportunities, attendees can explore various aspects of faith and discover practical ways to apply biblical principles in their daily lives.

Outreach Initiatives

The ministry at Church Without Walls International is committed to making a positive impact beyond its physical walls. With a strong focus on evangelism, social justice, and community development, the church actively engages in outreach initiatives. Through these efforts, they aim to share the love of Christ with others and address pressing societal issues. Examples of these initiatives include:

  • Evangelism campaigns that spread the message of salvation through creative means such as evangelism, online platforms, community events, etc.

  • Social projects for providing the means for food, water, and shelter. This may involve partnering with local, national, and global organizations or participating in advocacy campaigns.

  • Community development programs focused on empowering Christian communities through education, skills training, healthcare support, or economic opportunities.

Worship Gatherings

At Church Without Walls International, worship gatherings are not just about singing songs but creating an atmosphere where people can intimately connect with God. Through uplifting Spirit-led worship with fellow believers and heartfelt prayers guided by passionate leaders, these gatherings foster an environment conducive to encountering the presence of God. Attendees are encouraged to engage in authentic worship experiences that inspire personal transformation and spiritual renewal.

By offering discipleship training programs for spiritual growth, engaging in outreach initiatives centered around evangelism and providing for real-world needs of believers, as well as facilitating fellowship gatherings that cultivate intimacy with God; Church Without Walls International demonstrates its commitment to ministering effectively both within its congregation and beyond its physical boundaries.

Testimonials and Transformative Stories from Church Without Walls International

Real-life accounts of lives transformed by encountering God through the ministry are at the heart of Church Without Walls International. Members have shared powerful stories of healing, restoration, deliverance, and personal breakthroughs that showcase the life-changing impact of this community.

These testimonials highlight the profound effect that the supportive church family has on individuals within Church Without Walls International. Through their experiences, members have found solace, encouragement, and a sense of belonging in this vibrant community.

Here are some examples of the incredible testimonies shared within Church Without Walls International:

  • A member who was once burdened with addiction found freedom and redemption through the teachings and message at CWOWI.

  • Another individual experienced miraculous physical healing during a worship service, leaving doctors astounded by their recovery.

  • Countless stories exist of broken relationships being restored as members received guidance and support from fellow churchgoers.

  • Personal breakthroughs in areas such as career, finances, and emotional well-being have been reported by individuals who actively engage with the teachings at CWOWI.

These transformative stories demonstrate how Church Without Walls International serves as a catalyst for positive change in people’s lives. The ministry’s emphasis on spiritual growth, community support, and encountering God has resulted in countless testimonies that inspire hope and faith.

If you’re looking for real-life examples of God’s power to transform lives or seeking a place where you can experience personal growth alongside a supportive community, consider exploring what Church Without Walls International has to offer.

Remember: Your story could be the next one shared within this remarkable congregation!

Note: CWOWI refers to Church Without Walls International.

Embracing the Vision of Church Without Walls International

In conclusion, Church Without Walls International is making a worldwide impact through its unique approach to ministry. From its base in Broken Arrow, OK, this organization led by John Fenn has been instrumental in transforming lives and communities. Through various key ministries and initiatives, they are reaching people from all walks of life and bringing hope and healing.

Church Without Walls International has touched countless lives with their transformative stories and testimonials. These real-life examples serve as powerful reminders of the impact this organization is making. Whether it’s through providing practical assistance or spiritual guidance, Church Without Walls International is committed to meeting people where they are and helping them discover their true potential.

To get involved with the vision of Church Without Walls International, consider joining one of their ministries or supporting their initiatives financially. Your contribution can make a significant difference in the lives of those who need it most. Together, we can continue to spread love, hope, and faith across borders.


What kind of ministries does Church Without Walls International offer?

Church Without Walls International offers a range of ministries including outreach programs, discipleship training, worship services, counseling services, and community development projects.

How can I support Church Without Walls International financially?

You can support Church Without Walls International financially by making a donation online through their official website or by contacting their finance department for more information on giving options.

Can I volunteer at Church Without Walls International?

Yes! Church Without Walls International welcomes volunteers who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. Contact their volunteer coordinator for more information on how you can get involved.

Are there any specific requirements to join Church Without Walls International?

No specific requirements are needed to join Church Without Walls International. All individuals seeking spiritual growth and community involvement are welcome to participate.

Does Church Without Walls International provide counseling services?

Yes! Church Without Walls International offers counseling services for individuals and families facing various challenges. Contact their counseling department to schedule an appointment.

How can I share my transformative story with Church Without Walls International?

If you have a transformative story or testimonial you would like to share with Church Without Walls International, reach out to their communications team through their official website or social media platforms.

Can I attend Church Without Walls International services online?

Yes! Church Without Walls International offers online streaming of their services for those unable to attend in person. Visit their website for more information on accessing the online services.

Does Church Without Walls International have any international branches?

While the main branch of Church Without Walls International is located in Broken Arrow, OK, they have partnered with various organizations globally to extend their impact beyond borders.

How can I stay updated with the latest news and events from Church Without Walls International?

To stay updated with the latest news and events from Church Without Walls International, subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on social media platforms for regular updates.

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