August 2022 Newsletter

Hi all,

What a summer this has been! I don’t know what we’d do without the Lord. There are so many opportunities to be afraid, angry, confused and a host of other emotions, it is the presence of the Lord down in our spirit that gives us peace to navigate through life. 

During a visitation I once asked the Lord what ‘the anointing’ was – because I had seen the term thrown around by pastors who equated emotion for the anointing, for instance. And others who meant it to mean a flowing worship that involved emotion and perhaps the Spirit of God. So I asked. He told me:

“I would define it for you as ‘the manifest presence of God.’” That anointing according to I John 2: 27, resides in us and teaches us for He is truth – and that is the theme of this newsletter, of being more aware of the anointing (manifest presence) in you, than what is in the world.

If you train yourself to shift your attention to sense His presence in your spirit, just shift your attention down inside you, you will sense that anointing, that manifest presence – you can be aware of Him 24/7 anytime you want to check if He is (still) there – lol but true! 

Updates: Barb is having her right knee replaced on the 24th and they are also fixing her left knee that was replaced about 10 years ago – something ‘broke’ in it so they have to replace a part. She will be in the hospital estimated 2 nights and 4-6 weeks recovery. She wants to be ready for our October conference in Tulsa. Thank your for prayers.

Chris made the transition to his new group home – still some issues with the home, staff and such, but we could feel the grace of the Lord carrying us – thank you for your prayers. I think he did better with the move-in than Barb and I did, lol – as I said, there are still issues, but adjustments are being made. 

Our focus over the next 6 months will be completing the remodeling of our home to accommodate Chris in his wheelchair – Not only for his home visits (at least 60 nights per year and 120 days each year), but to allow him to roll around the house. It means making door ways 36″ wide (.9m), removing our carpet with a deeper pile for hardwood/tile floor and short, commercial type carpet. It also involves opening opening a wall up to the hall by his room (it is now 32″ or .8m). Fall and winter projects!

KWOWI (Kids Without Walls International) – please visit our web site – for supporting orphans and single parent children in Uganda and Kenya is something I hope you’ll consider. We are still working on the site as we have dozens of children in house churches in our network who need support for school and basic living.

Visit our web site and you’ll see KWOWI across the top, click that for the pictures and events.

Wil and Ank’s car: Thank you very much to those who have helped with Wil and Ank ‘s purchase of a good used car. Everyone together has raised about 15k Euros, so that makes their monthly payments within a budget they and the ministry can afford – thank you! 

Some of our EU and Nordic friends may not be aware our EU site has translated Weekly Thoughts – from Polish to French, German, Lithuanian, etc… it’s easy to remember:

Deep Believer, podcasts, etc: 

I did a nearly 2 hour interview on the YouTube channel, Deep Believer, about 90 minutes of it about my visit to heaven, the last 20 or so about house church. Go to YouTube, look up Deep Believer. It says something like ‘Pastor has amazing trip to heaven’ or something like that. 

Some of you may not be aware I do a weekly short teaching on YouTube, posted every Wednesday morning (US time). Each teaching is 7-14 minutes long on a variety of subjects, they would be a blessing. You can go to YouTube and search for SuperHouseChurch or me by name. I’ve been doing these faithfully every Wednesday for coming up on 5 years, so that means some 250 short teaching videos…

If you visit our site,, across the top menu you’ll see ‘resources’, if you move the cursor over that, it will cascade down and you’ll see ‘podcast’. That is another way to listen to my weekly YouTube teachings, as well as those of Ank in the Netherlands – she is a really good teacher. Also, Brian and Amy have posted several worship tracks on the podcast menu as well, which is good ‘soaking’ and ‘vertical’ worship. 

Zoom meetings in September: Register in the header above, and remember, we don’t send reminders so you’ll have to set your own reminders. 

Tulsa conference October 7-9, registration will close in a couple of weeks….SO looking forward to seeing everyone, having some meals together, worship, prayer, hearing what’s going on all over. We’re keeping it small, a little over 100 so we can actually spend time together – when we get together for a weekend it is always so rich in fellowship, His presence, and ministers to the whole person. 


You’ll recall nearly 2 months ago the Lord came and talked to me of several things, and I mentioned it in last month’s e-newsletter. Mostly it was personal and ministry things, but also about world events. I mentioned it last month briefly, as I usually share just the parts of a visitation that I can summarize – but felt like I should go into more detail of part of it.

This is what I wrote last month, and then more detail beneath it for this month: “In days ahead the US will no longer be the focus of world attention and economy. With the war in Ukraine the attention of much of the world turned to Europe, and that will only increase in the days to come; focus will shift to the economies of Europe and Asia. There will be turmoil in Europe but I will increase and my body need not fear. You’ve pondered and inquired why the US isn’t mentioned in end times prophecy, this is the start of why. There is an opportunity to delay these things for a few years, but they will happen, for so it must be to fulfill all that has been written about.” 

This is what He said next: “Remember what I told you years ago, (1990 in a visitation): That ‘China will rise to become an economic powerhouse, and would seek to gobble up the whole world if she could, and this she must do to fulfill her role in the end times.’ You are now at the tipping point where China will be understood as the world leader. Here is what to look for: How the US handles Taiwan signals the shift from the US to China as the lead nation.”

That part has stayed with me – “How the US handles Taiwan signals the shift from the US to China…” He explained that the US would no longer be viewed as the world’s most powerful nation, the lead nation. My words now – There will be a quiet understanding China is the one in charge now. 

The other thing He talked about had to do with September-March time frame and the US politically and economically, but I’m not going to share it in this forum. 

Some thoughts…

Faith in Christ is actually a very simple, down-to-earth lifestyle. If you look at what Paul wrote to Timothy and Titus about leaders, the qualities were 3-fold: People who were stable in life, stable in faith, stable in family. That’s what all the examples Paul gave boil down to – stability in life, faith, relationships (family). 

That is where He attempts to move everyone who comes to Him even if you never become a ‘leader’. For instance, a person can love the Lord, but they are not stable in their life – could be sin, could be unsettled in jobs, could be in transitions in other areas. They are not stable and settled yet.

Sometimes a person loves the Lord, and is stable in themselves and their life, but their relationships are a mess. They make emotional decisions, cut off relationships, judge others by forming opinions they have no business forming – their relationships aren’t settled in life or family. 

Those are the 3 areas the Lord is trying to work in us all – and it is a process that is a lifestyle, a way of life – and we are always looking for peace. We just want to live quiet and godly lives – all we go through is the Lord trying to make us stable in faith, life, relationships. 

So you can see Satan’s plans for people, to distract them in 1 of these 3 areas. Maybe a person is stable in life and family, but then they start getting off balance in teachings – maybe they get stirred up in strife, or into something like believing if a person had ‘the shot’ they lost their salvation or at least can’t grow in Christ any longer, or there off-balance teachings. They form ‘pet’ teachings and anyone who doesn’t believe exactly as they do is cut off. The become inwardly focused except for their small circle of ‘friends’. 

You can see what Satan did to cause them to become what the NT calls ‘self-deceived’. Satan tries to make people unstable in their faith, unstable in their lives, unstable in their relationships. 

The Jewish concept of righteousness involves the vertical and horizontal. The Hebrew word for righteousness is “tzedakah”, and is also translated as ‘charity’. Why is the word righteousness also the word of giving?

Because we love God with all our being, and out of that life, out of that love for Him, we then flow horizontally to our neighbor – to give, to make clear, what we have vertically with the Father and Lord. Therefore the Father is always trying to make us the most efficient for spreading His ways into the earth – and that requires us working through our issues to become stable in faith, life, and relationships. That consistency is called godliness.

Don’t be distracted. Filter those you allow close to you. Love all, but filter. Your life is like the walled city of Jerusalem. Judea is outside the walls, but family. But always protect your ‘Jerusalem’. Move outward from that position of strength that comes from stability. 

If we set our sites on maturity, which means stability in those 3 areas: Faith, life, relationships, we will find great peace, and the events of the world will seem in perspective as minor, for we will be saturated with the awareness of His presence in our spirits, and dominating our thoughts and emotions. 

Thank you for your prayers and financial support at this time – thank you for being in our lives. 

We appreciate you!

John & Barb, Brian & Amy. 

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