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The Church Without Walls International | John Fenn | CWOWI

An international house church network founded by John and Barbara Fenn in 2001, which focuses on practicing Christianity based on the model found throughout the New Testament & early church history.

Who They Are
“Not that we would have dominion over your faith, but rather are helpers of your joy, for by your own faith you stand (II Cor 1:24) We believe the practice of home based churches as depicted in the book of Acts and Paul’s letters is normal Christianity. These churches revolve around friends, neighbors, and co-workers meeting regularly for the purpose of growing in Christ and letting the Lord’s will be done in their midst.”

What They Do
“Our goal is to help build Godly relationships by helping Christians establish new house churches. CWOWI encourages Christians who do not currently attend “church” to build relationships with the believers around them. CWOWI then uses technology to connect those singular house churches to hundreds worldwide. All affiliated house churches are affiliated under a biblically sound statement of faith. CWOWI also serves as a resource for the church.”

Latest Videos

Watch the latest Biblical teachings and learn how to start a house church from scratch by John Fenn and the CWOWI house church network:

CWOWI stands for Church Without Walls International–also called Church Without Walls and Supernatural House Church. It is an international church with home church affiliates in countries worldwide. Wil and Ank Kleinmeulman lead the networking platform for house churches in Europe. This ministry believes in keeping the Word and Spirit in balance, the process of discipleship is supernatural, and the Holy Spirit puts the Word in meaning and context & is still prophetically speaking today to those who have ears to hear. Sign up for the latest CWOWI newsletter, Weekly Thoughts teachings, and network updates.

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